About Us

Who were the VargaMor?

The VargaMor – Swedish for “Wolf Crone” – were women who dwelled in forests and were said to have magical powers; including controlling wolves. Supposedly, VargaMor often provided human victims for wolves, often by promising sexual favours. This association with wolves has led to much speculation about the relationship between such women and ‘Werewolves’.

Who are we?

We are three women hailing from the wilds of England, Sweden and Germany with a shared interest in the dark and macabre.

VargaMor was co-founded by Katie Metcalfe and Becca Campbell in early 2015 with the aim of gathering together women who work in the Dark Arts; be that music, fashion, clothing, art, literature, photography or film and the women who are taking steps to become involved in this dimension. Katie has since left the site to pursue other projects but Vargamor has now become a trio of women contributing to the site.

Even if you are not a creator yourself, we are interested in women who wear Dark Fashion and build up their wardrobes by whatever means they can. We are interested in communicating with, supporting and inspiring women who celebrate their personalities and interests in the unusual, the shadowy and unseen.


Becca Campbell

I am a passionate environmentalist, prolific blogger, knitter, writer, hiker,photographer, avid reader, poet, atheist and shieldmaiden.tumblr_ntpg137YE31rbvbweo1_500

I became besotted with nature and particularly mountainous landscapes from a young age; there was always something captivating and mysterious about those towering peaks that inspired my already fantasy-laden imagination. I remember my parents taking me walking and hiking regularly, getting excited about seeing birds of prey, foxes, badgers and other mammals, teaching me the names of plants, the species of trees and passing on all that wisdom and pure passion for nature. I distinctly remember geography lessons years later where I learned the true extent of environmental destruction and the pit of fiery rage it left burning in my stomach. From all of this a fierce love of nature, conservation, Scandinavia and the North was born; the landscapes, the history,the diverse ecosystems, the flora and fauna, the folklore, the Norse and the unpredictable harsh weather. I knew and still know in my gut that conserving incredible landscapes and ecosystems across the world is my one true passion and purpose and as is celebrating my love for the North. I finally visited Scandinavia in the summer of 2014 when I spent 3 months working in Iceland; now all I think about is going back. Dark and ethereal themes, the landscapes of the north and the beauty of nature fuel the majority of my creative written works and photography.

My taste in music heavily influenced my appearance as a teenager; a mirage of band t-shirts and dyeing my hair various colours; with age my clothing has matured and influenced by what I’ve mentioned above, I now pride myself for having an aptitude for hunting through high-street shops, wading through the generic and the fashionable to find specific pieces to add to my wardrobe of Dark Fashion as well as  a love for delving into the depths of charity shops and having a good rummage for bargains and unique garments. If I can successfully look like a witch, something magical that has wandered out of the woods, a Ringwraith or a creature that has tumbled out of Middle Earth, I am content.

I am keen to discover and gather together inspiring women working in the Dark Arts. “We are the daughters of witches you weren’t able to burn.”

You can find me on TumblrFacebook and Instagram and you can find my book review blog here and my personal blog here.

Lisa v. D.

Portrait_Lisa v D

The question should not be “Who am I?”, but rather “How many am I?”.

I am a book-worm, tea-addict, moon child, a collector of all things dark and beautiful, an amateur photographer, and maker of handmade photo art. I am a black metal enthusiast and love to dance to 80s dark wave. I am a admirer of turn-of-the-century architecture, the Victorian period (and particularly the way the Victorians mourned the dead), the playfulness of postmodern literature, the aesthetics of romantic poetry and gothic stories, as well as silent films of the expressionist era. I have insatiable wanderlust, frequently go to concerts, yet spend many evenings binge-watching Netflix at home, the nest I built, my fortress, lit by dozens of candles, sweet with incense. Like an evening star, I bloom in darkness, and yet I find myself afraid of the dark at times.

This all may sound chaotic and at parts seem conflicting, but this is exactly how I am. And today I know I don’t have to justify myself for it. I consider the way I live, the way I dress and do my makeup as expression of what I am.

I live in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. In my spare time you’ll often find me haunting graveyards, castles and ruins, always equipped with my camera as a tool to help me show others the way I see things, see the beauty in the evanescent, the man-made now neglected by man, conquered by nature.

Some of the pictures I take I turn into little pieces of art by transferring them onto wood. I like how in times of digital printing, when reproductions have become as accessible as ever, my photo transfers are handmade and unique. Even if I make several copies of one picture, each of them is one-of-a-kind. Working with sandpaper on the artwork, purposely destroying what I just created, I fight today’s obsession with perfectionism.

I feel honoured to be a part of Vargamor. Through contributing to this wonderful blog, I wish to show there is beauty and talent inside of every women. I want to share what inspires me and thus inspire others. A beautiful dress by an independent designer is no less art to me like a painting. Doing your makeup can just be as expressive as writing a poem. It’s maybe just more transient.

You’ll find more of my photography on Instagram under the name of @styl.bruch and my little online store where I sell my photo transfer artwork on www.stylbruch.tictail.com

Clara Nic Aoidh

I am an earth scientist, photographer, dog whisperer, hiker, tea connoisseur and craftswoman based in Sweden.

DSC_0259_bwMy main creative outlet is photography but I also turn my hand to drawing, painting, branding and other crafts from time to time. My creative works are mostly influenced by my profound love of the natural world, as well as its darker imprints by humanity; in the form of architecture and effigies. Born and raised on the edge of a national park in England, with a second home in the Swiss Alps, I have always been close to the countryside and since I was a child I have been in love with the moors, mountainous landscapes, the sea and the flora and fauna that dwell there. This eventually led me to my field of research as a marine scientist and geologist, however beneath my scientific facade, my incessant artistic side still ravishes.

I find inspiration and escapism not only in nature, but also travelling, Nordic culture & lifestyle, music, literature, film, fashion/costume and my own emotions; all of which are somewhat intertwined and make my heart soar.

My adoration of everything Nordic, ethereal and macabre is also reflected in my fierce lust for dark fashion. I have a tendency of frequently finding myself scavenging the high street, eBay and secondhand stores to find more unusual clothing items with a dark edge and an essence of glamour. I indulge in discovering distinctive jewellery and accessories from independent designers or making my own unique pieces on occasion.

Through Vargamor, I hope to inspire fellow imaginative ladies who appreciate darker aesthetics – from imagery, crafts, clothing or makeup, to music and band recommendations. It is my hope that we can endorse female independent designers and underground musicians and also conjure a suite of thought provoking ideas to share, so that we can summon a network of like-minded creatives. In case you would like to find out more about what I do, you can find my photography work here.


You can find us on various different social media sites: facebook, tumblr and instagram.


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  1. I have been searching for a copy of Ophelia Wears Black and for the life of me have not succeed in securing a copy.
    Can you tell me how or where I can get such?


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