We always have our arms wide open for submissions, so please don’t be shy. Below you will find a list of what we are looking for.

We Craft With Darkness
Are you a woman who works with dark materials to create unusual crafts, jewellery and dark garments? If you are, we would love to hear from you. Send us the best photographs that you can capture of your handcrafted work and a note telling us all about it.

Dark Wear
We appreciate that our readers relish dark fashion, and one of our goals is to be able to inspire each other to be more creative and bold with what we wear on a daily basis. So, we would love to see what you are wearing and how it makes you feel. Send us your very best photographs of you in your outfit along with a note that tells us all about what you are wearing and why.

It’s Dark At Home
As writers and bloggers, we understand that it’s the little things that can make big differences to our lives, be it a print from a favourite artists above a workspace or a bottle on a window sill which has held candles for decades. We are curious to know what our fellow wolf crones are surrounding themselves with when they are in the comfort of their own home. Send us your best photographs of your darkly decorated walls or shelves, your favourite piece of decor or your precious vinyl collection. Make sure to include a note telling us about your cherished home stuffs.

Through The Racks And Baskets We Rummage
We are passionate thrift queens, and make the most of our local charity shops to discover unique finds and special pieces that people have cast away. Are you the same? Do you like nothing better than methodically sifting through charity shop rails and baskets looking for something that’s just right? If you do, then send us your best photographs of you in your charity shop finds. Make sure you include a note on where you found your thrifted dark fashion pieces.

Write And Photograph
There is always space for new writing and photography on Vargamor, so if you have any ideas for potential articles or features that you would like to write for us, interviews that you would like to conduct, or suitable photography that you would like to share, please drop us a line.

Take Note
• Please send submissions to:
• Please include your name (or pseudonym) in your submission and which country you live in.
• If you don’t want to write a note about the photographs you have submitted, it’s okay. Just your name and home country will be fine.
• We will contact you within a week to let you know about the publication of your submission. If you haven’t heard back from us within two weeks, please feel free to send a friendly email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. (It’s unlikely you’ll ever be left waiting this long, but just in case.)
• Need photographic inspiration? You can find Becca’s photography here and here and Katie’s photography here and here.


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